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Wix Websites

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Build Your Business Website on Wix

Need a new website? Consider having it built on Wix.

Your website homepage is like your elevator pitch. It needs to catch people's attention, and give people a quick sense of what services or products you're offering right away. Furthermore, your website design needs to be visually appealing and feel fresh, with up-to-date details on business hours, contact information, services, staff etc. But keeping your website up to date can be hard when you don't understand how to use your website platform. We have many clients come to us with sites built on Wordpress, Joomla or Squarespace who struggle to even change a phone number on their website. But how do they expect to represent their business accurately online when they are unable to make even the most basic changes to their websites?


The best way to ensure you keep your site up to date is to build on a user friendly platform that you'll feel confident updating. Wix is a user friendly CMS (content management system) that makes maintaining your business website a dream. Let us design and build your Wix website and afterwards we'll teach you how to manage it and make changes. 


We're Wix Partners, which means we've built countless Wix websites for businesses large and small. We take the stress out of website design projects, walking you through the process with ease. Our website developers understand how to design your site in a way that appeals to your customers with visuals and layout that makes navigation easy and branding that is tailored to your business. We're also here to make sure you get the most out of your Wix membership. 

Wix Website Rebuilds and Revisions

Perfect for the DIY crowd

Sometimes your website needs a bit of freshening up. A cleaner design, some fresh copy - or maybe a complete redesign. Whether you're looking for a few changes or a full-blown rebrand and rebuild, our web developers have your back.


Your website needs to be updated regularly, and elements like search engine optimization need to be considered to ensure it is being found online and serving your business the way it should. If your website is starting to look out of date or the information on it needs updating, we can help. Our Wix website developers will redesign your website and give it a fresh new look, or update your existing site with new content that will attract new website visitors. 

Partial Wix Website Revisions

Perhaps your website is already built on Wix but it's starting to feel a bit disheveled. We get it. You're busy. And keeping your website in tip top shape takes time and energy. Our website designers will review your website and propose how it can be cleaned up. Then we'll tackle the changes; bringing it to life with some fresh design elements and content.

Ready to move on?

Full Website Design and Rebuilds

A full website rebuild means our website developers will completely redesign your website, with a new design, fresh layout, menu tweaks and new content.


We're talking brand identity, website design, imagery, fonts, colours, icons, and copywriting to give your website a full makeover on Wix. Wix's high-level design capabilities allow our web developers to create anything you can imagine, using visually pleasing elements that are engaging to visitors.

Want to know what's included in your rebuild? Click here.


Ready to get started? 

Why Use Wix

High-Level Design Capabilities. Wix’s flexible, high-level design capabilities allow us to create anything you can imagine, using visually pleasing elements that are engaging to visitors.


Wix makes website management easier. Wix’s accessible, drag and drop editor allows us to quickly train you or your staff on how to maintain your new website and make changes whenever needed. 


Reduced ongoing support overhead. Since you'll be able to manage the bulk of your website changes and maintenance, this will significantly reduce the amount of time you have to spend working with a web developers to perform updates or make changes. This saves you money.


Compatibility. The Wix CMS supports all commonly used forms of media and documents, including images, video, PDF documents and fillable forms etc. 


Accessibility. Wix offers specialized tools and features to ensure your website is fully accessible and complies to the highest global standards (WCAG 2.0) 


Mobile responsive design. Wix’s mobile responsive designs mean the website will show well on various screen sizes and on mobile devices.


Extensive App integration. Wix easily integrates with a wide variety of programs and systems, allowing us to design anything you have in mind, including database management, an events calendar, social media integration, and other third-party software.


Full Marketing Suite. Your Wix subscription comes with a full suite of marketing tools that will complement your digital marketing strategy. 

Still not convinced? Check out our blog post 14 Reasons Why Wix is a Great Website Builder

Why Use Wix
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