​Don’t let social media paralysis stop you from marketing.


You’ve got a story to tell and an audience hanging out online waiting to hear it. Your target audience is engaging on social media, so let’s help you use these platforms to connect, inform and sell.


But, you’re stuck.


You either haven’t posted anything in months, or your post are only hearing crickets.


At Cat’s Cove, we put an energized voice to your business’ social media accounts that’s mixed with an intentional strategy.


Here’s how it works:

1. We Strategize.


Your passion + Your Audience + Your Voice

When we first sit down together, we’ll get to know you – the business owner. We’ll get a clear idea about your WHY behind starting your business and the passion that goes along with it.


From there, we’ll identify your target market. Are you talking to a 65-year-old woman who’s looking to get active again? Or, are you thinking newlyweds about to purchase their first home? By getting specific with your ideal client, we’ll know how to best connect with your audience on the platforms where they’re hanging out.

We’ll then craft an intensive yet digestible digital marketing strategy so that we’re on the same page as we work together.

2. We Plan it Out.

Each month, we’ll craft an editorial calendar that is mixed with posts, photos, videos and engaging content that aligns with your strategy.


You’ll see the posts before they go live so that you can give us the thumbs up.

3. Ready. Post. Engage.

As we post to your social media platforms, we’ll then engage.


We’ll respond immediately to comments. We’ll Direct Message new followers. We’ll reach out and connect with other accounts that align with your industry.


We’ll manage and build your entire online network. And you’ll see the long-term benefits.


The Keyboard Warrior

3 posts per week​

2 platforms

Engagement: 2 hours per week

Photo Creation: 1 session, bi-monthly

Audit: Monthly

5 posts per week

3 platforms

Engagement: 4 hours per week

Photo Creation: 1 session, bi-monthly

Audit: monthly

1 ad campaign set on two platforms


The Influencer

10 posts per week

4 platforms

Engagement: 6 hours per week

Photo Creation: 1 session, monthly

Audit: monthly

2 sets of ads on two platforms

                           Rate: $3,500 /month

           Rate: $990 per month
           Rate: $1,980 per month

We’re more flexible than a yogi on Instagram. Custom Options Available.

Office Address:  1865 Rogers Road, Perth, ON

Mailing Address: 8 Jessie Drive Perth, ON K7H 3J1

Phone: 613-812-8846

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