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Zoom Fatigue is a Real Thing

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

Hello, my name is Cathy and I have Zoom Fatigue.

I am...fatigued by Zoom.

Zoom staff meetings. Zoom conference calls. Zoom backdrops. Zoom memes.

I am Zoom'd out.

Yet, first…

As we are in Week Eternity into our social distancing work life, let's take a moment to give thanks for its ability to keep us all connected.


Now, let's take a moment and address our Zoom Fatigue, and the drain it is setting into our lives.

Well, at least mine.

Here's the obvious:

You HAVE to stare at a screen for the meeting's entire duration. And whether you're leading the call or are simply a participant, it requires a different kind of attention to detail.

You have to brush your hair.

You can't grimace while others don't mute their mics.

You hope the J-House YouTube family will keep your kids entertained long enough not to get interrupted.

And, then there's this part:

You still have to give and receive social cues that demonstrate your ability to listen, connect, and respond in a meaningful way. Otherwise, you may 'fail' ar Zoom Etiquette 101.

Maybe that's what makes it hard. You're trying to connect through a screen. And yet it requires even more energy to do so versus if you could pick up cues in person.

Accidental interrupting is a constant.

You have to raise your hand to speak.

Natural conversation flow is rarely a thing.

That's hard for some (sic:me) to navigate.

I don't have advice on how to handle that. Other than to set boundaries on meeting times. And to turn off your video and mic and rake your lawn or fold laundry while you listen as a participant.

This is simply my attempt to verbalize my Zoom Fatigue and how it can really impact your energy.

And maybe simply recognizing your Zoom Fatigue may just help you through it.

And, now...I'll turn off my mic.

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