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Business owners: What are you doing with your kids for school?

Image of kids in a school
Are you sending your kids back to school?

Earlier this month, Doug Ford announced that kids are going back to school.

And, then, our school board announced its re-opening plan last week. It was 70 pages long, and I'm grateful for their thorough response to re-entry and what it will all look like.

But, can we please order a crystal ball to go along with it?

As a working parent running our own services-based business, we're fortunate while also kinda screwed.

The good thing? We have the flexibility to run our own hours.

The bad thing? We also lose money every minute we're not working on the business.

So, if our kids go to school and then the school ends up shutting down, we're back to Square One: navigating remote learning, silently screaming at the Teams App, and doing our best to stay responsive and connected to the business so we can put food on the table.

Parents working for a business/organization are also faced with their own struggles: they have to follow work protocol and expectations from management with regular hours while also potentially trying to do remote learning.

We can't even imagine the struggle that business owners running a storefront AND have young kids are contemplating. The store has to be open. The kids need to be safe. The money only comes in when you're open. UGH.

So, where do we go from here?

We're going with our gut.

We are looking at different options so we can determine what works best for the family. The kids' health. Their socializing. Their integration back into their community. Our business. Our budget. Our sanity. Their sanity.

That's maybe the best insight we can give as well.

Sit for a few moments, by yourself. Get quiet. Listen to that gut instinct. What's it telling you to do? We bet that's the best answer.

Because, right now, there is no right answer.

Unless, of course, you've got a crystal ball on you.

Tell us: what are you doing with your kids?

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