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7 Things to Ask a Website Developer Before You Hire Them

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

Don’t have a website? Or….grossed out by your current one?

If you’re ready to get cracking on a new website launch, it can be super intimidating.

So, we’ve put a list of things to ask a website developer or agency before you hire them. Here are some key elements to ask in order to give you confidence in the decision-making process:

1. Look at past examples of what they’ve done.

Making sure that what they produce aligns with the look you’re looking for and want for your look and feel.

2. Break down the proposal cost.

Ask them to walk you through their proposal breakdown so you can understand what it is you’re looking at with this proposal. The conversation over the costs will also help you determine what are “must-have’s” versus “nice-to-have’s” for your website and budget. And….if the web developer isn’t willing to explain it with you, then do you really want to work with this person?

3. Ask them how they’ll integrate Search Engine Optimization (SEO) onto my website?

Aka – how is my website going to get found? Ensure they know how to utilize SEO tactics to get the website to perform and get found online.

4. What training will you get once it’s launched?

Or, what happens when we’re done? Either find out if they will train you on updating it yourself, or what the maintenance plan is afterward. Understand what kind of access you’ll have to the website developer once it’s been launched.

5. What’s not included in the pricing?

We make assumptions about the costs, but get clear on what’s included in the proposal, and what extra fees will be incurred. For instance, who is paying for the hosting fee? What about the copy? The photos? Ensure you have a clear understanding of those extra fees so you don’t walk away frustrated with unbudgeted items.

6. Put together your wish list.

Do research ahead of time. Show some websites you like, that gives the website developer an idea about what you’d like, and what that will look like from a budgeting perspective.

7. Ask for confirmed timelines.

Ask for a proposed schedule so it will help you know what the turn-around time will be and what is required of you to get the developer set up for it.

Essentially, it all comes down to communication and expectations. Even if you’re not confident in this area, it’s okay to outline to the website developer that you don’t know it well – but ensure you take the steps to be a part of the process, and you’ll increase your chances of walking away with a website and website developer you love!

P.S. Want to see how your current website is performing? Visit and insert your URL. You’ll get an idea about its performance for speed, SEO and more! (it also acts as a great link to send to your web developer if key elements need to be addressed).

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