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TikTok For Business

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

Business owners, have you heard about TikTok yet?

This week, Cathy and Toby discuss how this social media platform can be used for business.

Here's the thing: TikTok is the most downloaded app right now. It has surpassed Instagram. It is growing in popularity in North America.

Spoiler alert: organic reach on TikTok is insane!

TikTok users are young, and if your market is too, this platform is the perfect place to connect. If your market is older, build your brand on TikTok now as a long-term strategy.

Questions answered in this short video:

  • Who is using TikTok?

  • Will I get street cred from my niece if I drop the work TikTok into a conversation? (Hi, Madison!)

  • Is TikTok easy to use?

  • As a business owner, how would I use it?

  • Why does Toby love it so much? (It's not what you think.)

  • Can I advertise on TikTok?

  • How many people will see my TikTok videos if I don't have any followers?

  • Can I use my TikTok videos on Facebook or Instagram?

  • What's next in social media?

Check it out!

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