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Taking One For The Team

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

Bonnie here.

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about how heroes come in all shapes and sizes.

Real heroes are those who turn what might seem like a total disaster into a crisis averted. They are those who step in to lend a hand without ever being asked.

Let me back up.

Last weekend, I was away on a rock climbing trip with my husband, Matt, when catastrophe struck.

Don’t worry, not a rock-climbing-related catastrophe.

You see, it was a blustery fall day and we were heading to the rock climbing mecca of Lion’s Head (near Tobermory) to do some adventuring.

I was ready for the damp, chilly weather: I packed gloves for belaying, a cozy toque, my down jacket, and a pair of fleece pants to wear overtop of my yoga pants, particularly for our post-climb time when the cold really hits you. Climbing is hard work, so we also stuffed food and water into my bulging backpack.

After arriving at the top of the cliff, we admired the dizzying view, unpacked our harnesses and started to mobilize for our rappel down the cliffside.

When I reached for a sip of water from my backpack, I noticed one of our water bottles was completely empty.

“Did you drink all of this?” I asked Matt, knowing he couldn’t have since it had been buried at the bottom of my pack.


There was a brief calm moment, while we contemplated the mystery. Then, both of us gasped -

The pack! It must be soaked!

We frantically picked up the pack and examined it, expecting to find it sopping wet. But strangely, it was dry.

What the…?

I reached back into the pack and pulled out the remaining items: our lunch, a second water bottle, and the black fleece pants, which felt like they were made of heavy leather.

As I held up the pants it became abundantly clear that they had absorbed the entire litre of water that had leaked from the bottle.

And they weren’t even dripping; they were just sucking it in like dry, thirsty soil on a hot summer day.

So was I bummed my extra pair of warm pants were drenched?


But was I grateful those pants had taken one for the team and avoided soaking my pack, the coat on my back and our lunch?

Also YES.

Like I said, heroes come in all shapes and sizes. They are the selfless do-gooders who’ve got your back (literally), even if it means sacrificing their original duty.

So to those valliant fleece pants: from the bottom of my heart, thank you. You really saved the day.


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