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Small Business Shout-Outs - Food!

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

So many food services have really upped their digital game and found ways to connect with their audience. Here are shout-outs to a few we are following!

Local Food Businesses Rocking Social Media

Need Easter treats, but want to avoid public places? The Rideau Candy Shoppe has you covered! Sheldon is taking orders for delightful candy baskets on Facebook and delivering them next Thursday and Friday. This is a great example of a business that does not have an e-commerce platform yet has found a way to innovate.

If cooking seems like just too much after refereeing your children, Michael’s Table has you covered with curbside pick-up and 20% all take-out. They’ve even come up with a new product to fill a gap in our community: meal kits! Last weekend we tried their fajita kit and it was a hit with our kids!

Penny’s Place has your Easter Brunch covered! They’ve added a special section to their “Heat + Eat” line available for delivery, for all of us that are wondering how to make this Easter special. Speaking of specials, they have daily take-out specials, so check in regularly.

There is nothing more comforting than your favourite cup of joe. And thanks to Coutts Coffee, you can still get it! They take pre-orders for coffee beans and offer curbside pickup. Like many businesses, they report “the support of our customers has been amazing!”

Anyone else staring into the abyss of their empty freezer? Within days of the government-mandated shut-down, Valley Custom Cutting Angie and Dan built an online store and now take orders over four platforms. They are committed to 100% contact-free payment and parking lot pickup.

Some of the businesses in this round-up came from a post we did last week asking small biz owners if they’d like to be mentioned. We’d love to do another one next week. If you’d like to be featured, comment below or DM us!

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