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A Lesson in a Bag

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Bonnie, here.

See that black polka dot bag? That’s my work bag. It’s part tote, part cooler pack - all awesome.

The other day my husband pointed out (for the twentieth time) that I still needed to put it away. It had become somewhat of a permanent installation on our front hall bench where I dropped it over 3 weeks ago after coming home from what would end up being my last day at the office.

And while I’ve been home for weeks - working, doing laundry, maintaining order (sort of) and chasing after my two young children, I'd somehow allowed my work bag to just sit there, untouched.

As I emptied it out; finding a package of almonds, a warm ice pack, workout clothes from our last lunchtime yoga session (*tear*), and my favourite lip balm, I realized how much of myself I had left back at the office.

For most people, these past few weeks have been tough. Shop owners crunch difficult numbers, front line workers suit up each day with sanitizer and courage, and parents scramble to fit in work with kids under foot.

With so many demands, heavy news and new levels of stress and uncertainty, it's easy to forget about self-care. And for me, that work bag had come to represent just how much I’ve neglected myself.

As they say on airplanes, it’s times like this we need to put on our own mask first. We’re no good to others if we’ve passed out on the floor (from lack of oxygen OR sheer exhaustion).

And this isn't a race. It’s a new way of life.

For now.

So go for a walk. Take a bath. Make yourself a cup of tea. Breathe in the spring air.


And empty your work bag.

Because you, my friend, have got this.

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