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Terrorists, Pee, and Weenies: Rules to Help Family and Work Life Run Smoother

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Sasha, here;

Last weekend, Bonnie and I went to a friend’s house for family pizza night. The pizza was stellar, the company even better, but the star of the evening was our friend’s newly posted Family Policy, which was outlined on a black chalkboard, framed by a beautiful wooden frame. The policy is a set of rules, as follows:

  1. No peeing on Daddy.

  2. Your weeny is private.

  3. We don’t negotiate with terrorists (so ask nicely).

  4. No whining.

  5. Tidy up your own stuff yourself.

  6. If you use my tools, put them away!

It’s a great list. When we asked about it, our friend sighed and said, “they were all inspired by real-life events.”

Sometimes occurrences bring about conversations that eventually lead to rules. Rules, quite often, become policies. And, ultimately, written in stone (or, chalkboard).

And that goes for all walks of life.

That got us thinking: what are the Cat’s Cove Communication rules?

We polled our co-workers and here is what we came up with.

Cat's Cove Communications Office Rules:

  1. Vogue posing is permitted outside of photoshoots.

  2. A business casual dress code is encouraged unless an employee has Star Wars t-shirts, in which case, anything goes.

  3. Socks don’t have to match (that’s a Toby rule).

  4. Space heaters are life (that’s an everyone but Toby rule).

  5. Wool socks are permitted if hidden below a desk.

  6. It is not weird to say I love you before exiting. Rachel and Bonnie trialed this last week.

  7. If Cathy offers a hug, it is strongly recommended that you accept. They are like seeing a unicorn: rare and special.

  8. Monday is an office clean-up day.

  9. This is a nut-FRIENDLY facility. Especially at 3:30pm.

Though this was an in-house conversation, we haven’t gotten to the point of turning these concepts into policies.

Not just yet.


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