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Bringing our Team Together Again: and how a Project Management System isn’t the only answer.

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

Digital Marketing Team Building Connection and Culture
How do you build connection with your team?

I’m going to be honest.

This post was initially intended to outline how we introduced a new project management system for our team.

And how we now toot unicorns and smell our own farts.

But, reality.

When COVID happened, it was VERY clear we needed to bring in a project management system that would keep us all on the same page.

We were using the communication tool, Slack, before the pandemic all went down. But files were getting lost. Messages were getting forgotten. And our passion for GIPHYs took over the platform.

We had some team pain points on communication that were evident.

So, I thought to myself: let’s introduce ASANA!

Asana is a project-management tool hosted on a cloud. We can create new projects and tasks within the projects. We can assign tasks to others. Set due dates. Comment on the tasks.

It smelled like success (and unicorns toots)

I’ve wanted to introduce it for two years. I finally got the green light.

I did the training. I put the team through training. We onboarded. Full steam ahead.

And while we’ve been using it for six weeks, it’s been…fine.

We’re task making and progress reporting and doing all the Asana things just fine.

But something is still missing with our team connection.

And it doesn’t have to do with a checklist.

Here’s what’s really missing with our team.


Face-to-face interaction.

The ability to do a quick check-in. Have a shared joke. Clear the air immediately.

Asana can’t solve that.

As business owners, we realize just how important it is to connect in real life and be fully present (even if Toby and I are bad at it). Remote work doesn’t fulfill that value that’s so important to us.

So, instead, we’re hit with bouts of mis-communication and computerized tone intonation that doesn’t always translate properly.

*deep breath*

I don’t have the answer. And am really learning.

And I sometimes wanna run away, because it’s hard.

And our staff deserves the best.

But here’s what I’ll say: if you’re thinking of introducing a project-management system and tooting out unicorns, first ask yourself – and your team – how connection can continue to be made on a level that truly matters.

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