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Playlists for Productivity: Our Top Spotify lists to Get the Work Done

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

You know those days when you’ve got a bunch of boring data to input, and need to add some pep to your very, very boring step?

Or those days when deadlines are looming and you need to find your inner Sheryl Sandberg and get stuff done?

Or that morning when the only man on staff has a lot to say and you need something, anything, to block out the baritone discussion that can somehow carry through two walls and a hallway?

(I’m definitely not talking about a specific Cat’s Cove situation on that last one. Definitely not.)

Well, we’re here to help break up the monotony, up the productivity and shut out the distractions.

We’ve put together a list of our favourite Spotify playlists when you wanna put your head down and Do The Work.

Acoustic Covers

When Rachel needs to focus and get work done, she swears by a good acoustic cover playlist. The familiarity of your favourite pop songs mixed with the unbuttoned calmness of a guitar creates just the right mood.

Pop with a Downbeat

Bonnie swears by pop music with a downbeat to keep her spirits high when she has monotonous work to get done. Think: Vampire Weekend and Billie Eilish.

Yoga Beats

Sasha doesn’t dance, but when she’s got her headphones on at work, you can see her head bopping and feet tapping. She loves the upbeat calmness and abstract melodies of chill yoga beats. If a playlist has Odesza, it’s made for her warrior heart.

Cinematic Soundtracks

Movies like The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and The Hobbit have fantastic scores if you want to feel like whatever work you are doing is epic.

If you’ve never checked out Tsh Oxenreider’s mixtapes on Spotify, you are in for a treat. For example, in Session 4: Upstream, she combines scores from Harry Potter, Walter Mitty, The Bourne Identity and more into one epic package. Deep work will come.

Quirky, Fast-Paced Beats for Focus

If you are looking for something upbeat that shifts sounds enough to keep you sharp, but not so much to distract you, than you should try Beats Antique. Cathy got this recommendation from Tim Ferriss last summer and has been listening to it ever since. It’s not her usual cup of music tea, but for whatever reason, it gets Cathy to get focused.


There you have it. The playlists that power productivity, and are tried and tested by the Cat’s Cove staff.

Now we’d love to hear: what productivity powerhouse playlists do you have on repeat?

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