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Social Media Hack: How to Use One Photo 5 Ways

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

We know the challenge: you know that on social media people like to see the faces behind the brand, but you don't have time to spend all day taking selfies. Wouldn't it be great if you could use the same photo over and over without your audience noticing?

The solution: use the free online editing tool Canva to package your photo in different ways.

Read on to see what we mean (with examples!).

1.Post the simple photo

Start with the basics. Just post the photo.

2.Post a cropped version of the photo

Is there an interesting detail in the photo? Crop the photo and post the version that focuses just on the details.

3.Use it as the background of a quote

When you put a photo behind a worthy quote, it takes the backseat. People still recognize you and your brand, but they are focused on the quote.

4.Use it as part of a collage

This completely changes the look and feel of the photo. Canva has many customizable pre-made collages to choose from, so you are sure to find one that is on brand. You can even change the colours!

5.Make an animated post

These work the same way as the collages on Canva, except then include an element that is animated. It might be a flashing word or "sparking" stars, and it is very eye-catching.

p.s. We have an a few great resources on photography:

  • Amazing one-page guide in our Business Resource Library about how to take better photos (of anything!)

  • Sasha did an hour-long webinar all about how to take better photos with your cell phone

  • Cathy has written about tips for how to look better in photos

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