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Is Your Instagram Growth Stagnant? Use These 5 Steps Daily to See Growth!

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Are you looking for a more lively Instagram account? Do you dream of an account that has comments on every post, people leaving genuine questions, and the sense of a community raising?

Have no fear, Cat’s Cove is here! Okay, okay, maybe that’s a little too superhero-ish for the topic, but we do have a few suggestions that might help you grow your Instagram community.

1. Reply to every comment with the first 30-45 minutes with a minimum of 4-5 words.

So many people “set it and forget it” when it comes to posting to Instagram. They post and then they leave the app immediately, thinking that their job is done.

Think of your posts as more of a risotto than a pasta bake. A pasta bake gets thrown in the oven, never to be seen again. Risotto? You give it a stir every few minutes for about a half hour. Which one is better? Hands down, it’s the risotto.

The first 45 minutes that your post is up is when it will get the most engagement and soon after it will be buried in your followers’ feeds. If you can, stay on the app and engage with the people who comment, like and share your post for at least 30 minutes after you’ve posted.

2. Say hello to new followers.

Want to make someone feel special? Send them a DM after they’ve started following you. Show them that you actually care! A quick, friendly welcome text or message through your DMs can go a long way!

2. Know who the industry leaders are in your niche.

Here’s the truth: people who have thousands of followers with hundreds of comments on their posts can’t keep up with the demand. Pay attention to comments on industry leaders’ posts and respond to questions if you know the answer. By doing this, you earn the attention of a targeted lead and potentially earn a follow that can later become a customer.

3. Search hashtags to comment and connect with new people.

Look for hashtags that are related to your industry or location. When you find a good one, follow it. Then comment on people’s posts with that hashtag and start engaging with the people who are in your target demographic.

4. Go to other peoples’ pages and engage.

If someone has recently liked your latest post, head over to their page and leave a comment or like on something that interests you.

People having fleeting interest. Within minutes, they might forget about a singular post you’ve made, but if you take the time to engage with them, you become more than post. You become a person. And leads remember a person.

p.s. Here are five things you can post about on social idea, and here's four more!

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