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Three Ways to use Direct Messaging to Connect with Your Instagram Followers

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

Wondering how to increase your follower engagement quickly on Instagram?

The secret is in direct messaging.

Direct Messages (or DM’s is fancy Insta-speak) are the notes that go directly into your Instagram inbox, that no one can see except you and the person you are messaging with. You can access your DMS in the top right corner (look for the paper airplane) of your home screen!

Why use Direct Messaging?

Believe it or not, interacting with people through DMs engages the Instagram algorithm and leads to your content being given priority in that person’s feed. In other words: by engaging with them privately, you are also ensuring that they see more of your public posts on their IG newsfeed.

More importantly, DM’s build connections. Now more than ever, when we are all feeling the effects of our normal routines being disrupted, we need community. And when you create a feeling of connection and community, you’ll turn a follower on the fringes into a loyal fan.

So, here are three ways to use Direct Messaging to Connect to your Audience:

Instead of Typing, You can Use Your Voice

We know what you are thinking: “But wait, you expect me to type a bunch of DM’s on my itty, bitty phone screen?”


You can send DM voice messages! Just hit the little microphone button on the right-hand side of the text box and record what you have to say. It’s quick, it’s easy and you can do it in your pajamas without anyone knowing.

And the best part about voice message DM’s? Instagram considers voice files rich content, so it values them more as interactions!

Don’t Sell in DM’s. Just….don’t.

This is NOT the place to sell, spam or pitch. Save the pitch for your main feed or when a person asks you specific questions about your product/service.

This IS a place to build connection and community. DM’s are a sacred, quiet space within a very busy app. This is your chance to get to know your customers and for them to get to know you. Respect the space.

So what are you going to DM them about if they start following you? Take 15 seconds to check out their feed and find common ground. Are you both obsessing over Love is Blind? Send them a message like, “Why does Jessica have two different voices?!?!” It doesn’t really matter what resonates with you. What matters is that you tell them about the connection.

It doesn’t have to be complicated: a simple question or complement gets the conversation started.

Simply reach out.

Start with DMing a couple of your followers. See how it goes and start a few more conversations as you get more comfortable.

Want to level-up your DM game? Check out our downloadable pdf for three more strategies to connect through DM’s.

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