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5 Ways To Increase Sales With Facebook Advertising

Increase sales by using Facebook Ads to target specific audiences based on demographics, interests, behaviours, and other factors. You can target a specific city, and even people with upcoming birthdays or anniversaries.

1. Create an Ad Set.

An ad set is a group of ads that share common targeting criteria. You can use an ad set to target people who live in a certain city, have a particular interest, or visit a website frequently.

With an ad set on Facebook you decide how long to run the ad and what your budget is for reaching your target audience.

2. Choose the Right Audience.

If you want to reach people who are interested in your product or service, choose an audience that matches your ideal customer. For example, if you sell dog food, you might select “people who live in Ottawa and own dogs.” If you sell jewelry, you could select "people in Lanark County with upcoming anniversary."

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Learn how to increase sales through Facebooks ads

Ads are more effective when they go to people who are already interested, rather than to everyone, falling on deaf ears.

Create a custom audience for Facebook advertising. They let you reach people who meet certain criteria, such as having viewed a particular product before. They’re especially helpful when you want to promote something to a specific, highly-targeted group of people.

3. Target Ads by Location.

You can also use location targeting to show ads only to people who are near your business. This helps ensure that your ad reaches the right customers at the right time.

This can also be done for people who are visiting your area, which is a great way to reach new customers and spread the word.

4. Use Dynamic Ads.

If you’re not familiar with dynamic ads, they allow you to customize your ads based on user behaviour. For example, you might choose to display an offer to users who recently visited your website. Or you might display different offers to users who clicked on your ad versus those who didn’t.

The ability to play with the wording and language of the ads helps to make them much more effective.

Want more on how to create targeted Facebook ads? Click here.

5. Test Different Types Of Ads.

There are four main types of ads available through Facebook: text only, image only, video only and carousel. Each type has its own strengths and weaknesses.

Text-only ads:

Text-only ads are easy to set up and inexpensive, but they aren’t as effective at driving conversions as other types of ads. Do you remember seeing many text ads? Probably not. It's better to add a visual component.

Image-only ads:

Image-only ads are more expensive than text-only ads, but they’re also more effective at driving clicks. Visuals like photos catch people's attention and hold it longer than text-only. If you're promoting a product, you certainly want to include an eye-catching image.

Video ads:

Video ads on Facebook are one of the most powerful forms of online advertising because they’re engaging and compelling. It's more likely to stop the scroll of users. Showcasing personality and visual effects will go a long way to driving clicks.

Carousel ads:

Carousel ads are similar to image-only ads, except they show multiple images at once. This is a good option if you're selling a course, or promoting something where more information about the product, service, event is needed.

Test out different ad types and see how they perform. You want to give each some time to work, and you can tweak your process as you learn what works and what doesn't.

Whatever Facebook ad type you choose, they are an effective way of driving traffic and increasing conversions.

Don't expect to get it perfect on the first try. It's a long-term strategy.

Want to start advertising on Facebook, but still feeling overwhelmed? We can help.

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