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4 Objections to Implementing New Business Systems (and what to say to the nay-sayers!)

Colleagues at a digital marketing business working together to use new systems on a shared laptop
Implementing New Business Systems with Your Team Can Increase Efficiency in your Business Big Time!

So you’ve found a small business tool that you are certain will solve all of your problems.

As you daydream, you can practically hear the angels singing and see the beams of light streaming out of your computer monitor as you implement the tool into your business’ workflow. The efficiencies found! The problems solved! You can’t hardly wait.

There’s just one problem: you need buy-in from your team.

Maybe you are worried about your colleagues. Maybe you have a questioning business partner. Or maybe it’s just the little voice in your head that’s stopping you from taking the next step.

Here are five common objections to new system implementation and how to work through them.

Objection #1: There’s no way my team will jump on board

  • Ask for their input

  • Outline your goals

  • By vulnerable

  • Set clear expectations AND support measures in place

  • Be patient on changing habits

  • Celebrate the wins

Objection #2: I don’t have time to implement a new system

  • Set a deadline for yourself (and announce it to a loved one)

  • Can someone else on your team happily implement it? (It doesn’t have to be all on your shoulders.)

  • Baby steps. For example, if you want to implement a new project management system, set smaller goals like “Read three articles by Friday on three different project management systems.”

Objection #3: We’ve tried this before. It won’t work.

  • Identify your WHY (why do we need this in place?)

  • Identify the team’s pain points

  • Identify the What

  • Set conventions (eliminates frustration and provides clarity)

  • TRAIN!

  • Set milestones and timelines for implementation

  • Be a leader

Objection #4: I work for someone else. I have no power to implement these platforms.

  • What tools can you use for yourself? For example, Trello.

  • What tools can you use for your small team within the company? For example, WhatsApp.

  • Do your research and present the what/why/how to your boss/superior with associated pain points. BUT… provide solutions.


When you have a concise idea of why the tool will be helpful and a clear plan for how to implement it, your team's transition will go much smoother.

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