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How to get clickable links in your Instagram descriptions!

Instagram is infamous for not allowing clickable links within post captions.

But did you know: there is one type of post that DOES allow clickable links in its caption?

It’s true!

IGtv posts allow clickable links in the description. It isn’t quite as straightforward as a regular feed post caption, so you’ll have to tell your audience about it (more on that below), but it is one more opportunity to help your customers get to where they want to go.

Examples of when to use this

Example #1: Drive traffic to new products

Do a fifteen second video gushing about the new product you just got in store and show it off. The link in the description takes them straight to its listing on your e-commerce site.

Example #2: Special events

Hosting a workshop or special dining experience? Describe the event. The link can take people straight to the landing page to sign up.

How do I do it?

Here are the steps to making a clickable link on an IGtv video:

Step 1: Use IGtv.

IGtv is currently the ONLY way to get clickable links in videos. A regular feed video won’t allow clickable links. You can record your video with your regular phone camera. Just make sure it is more than 15 seconds, or else you can’t post it through IGtv.

Step 2: In your video, tell your audience that there is a link in the description.

Since so few people know that there are clickable links in IGtv descriptions, you will have to tell your audience. Unfortunately, the description will not pop up while a follower is watching your video unless they tap on the video title, so you will have to tell them to tap on the title to see the description.

While you are recording your video, use the following script:

“Want to find out more about X? Click on the title of this video and you will see a clickable link pop up. Click on it and it will take you straight to X.”

Step 3: Put the link in the first line of the description.

When you are uploading your video to IGtv, make sure you include the link in the first line of the description. You may want to include an emoji to really draw attention to the link.

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