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Photo Confidence - How Cat Lost 0 Pounds in 0 Days!

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

This week Cathy and Toby talk about how to connect with your audience by putting yourself out there.

For business owners, sometimes this means having your photo taken for your website and social media.

Listen in, as Cat shares the story of how she lost 0 pounds in 0 days (say what?), and she and Toby talk about authenticity, and how to own it during those business photoshoots.

In this video she will cover:

  • The embarrassing photoshoot that inspired this post

  • Th outfit formula that Cathy will NEVER wear again to a photoshoot

  • What wanting good photos is really about (hint: it's not all about vanity)

  • What Friends character Cathy most relates to in photoshoots

  • What Cathy thinks the secret to having better photos

  • Why some people have a lot of gorgeous photos filling their Instagram feed (hint: it's not something to be proud of)

  • What Amy Porterfield's copywriter realized about photos that changed her business

  • And a nice little pep talk to get you in front of the camera!

p.s. Want to take less photos and still have lots of social media content that doesn't look repetitive? Check out our blog post "One Photo Five Ways."

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