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How to Grow your Online Community During Covid 19

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

You want to do something to work on your business, but you aren’t sure what. COVID-19 has slowed down life and you want to take some control back.

We have a suggestion.

One of the best things you can do to future-proof your business is to focus on building visibility and connection on your social media accounts. Right now? You have a captive audience. Everyone is looking for community and connection right now. Why not find your community amongst your followers and build real connection?

Because, after all, the COVID-19 crisis is going to come to an end. And do you want to go back to business as usual? Or do you want to go back to a business based on loyalty, connection, and community?

Here is a list of things you can do in under 30 minutes a day on social media with your business account, organized as a countdown (because that seems more fun):

6. Reactions and Comments

In your newsfeed, leave reactions (likes and hearts) and comments on your followers’ posts. Don’t be afraid to comment on people who are less familiar - that can actually be better! It’s such an uplifting treat to be noticed by someone you don’t know well!

5. Private Messages

Send private messages to people who follow you but you haven’t interacted with or need to follow-up with. Remember, though, the idea here is to connect, NOT convert.

Check their profile before you message to see if there is something you have in common you may mention. This makes it less weird to get a message from a complete stranger!

4. Targeted Interactions

You know the type of person you want to attract to your business. Go to your friends list and pick a person that fits that description, but you don’t normally interact with. Go to their profile and leave two reactions and two comments. By doing this, you will be engaging the Facebook or Instagram algorithm and you will start seeing each other's posts more.

3. Comments to boost old posts

Go to your old posts and reply to 3 comments. This pushes your posts to more to see. It even works on last years’ posts!

2. Tags

Tag two people not involved in the conversation in two of your comments or even in your own post. The algorithm loves this.

1. Livestream or storytelling post

There is so much to talk about right now and people are craving connection. There is no better way to connect with people than showing your face and telling them a story.

What’s it like being home with your kids? Did anything funny happen despite the circumstances? What do you want people to know? Did you go for a walk today - invite people along?

Want this post as a downloadable or printable checklist? Click here and print it off as a visual reminder of what you can do to build your community on social media.

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