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Google My Business is Your All Star Player

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Okay, it might seem a little ridiculous that we made Google My Business look like a power forward/all-star quarterback / Olympic gold medalist / (insert every sport position cliché here), but when it comes to your business, that’s what Google My Business is like!

Check out these stats:

  • 50% or more of all searches result in no click searches

  • 84% of traffic is from discovery searches (think: “burger near me”)

  • 16% of traffic is from direct searches (think: “O’Reilly’s Pub”)

  • 5% of GMB traffic results in a website click, call or direct request

What does all this mean? Let’s break it down…

50% or more of all searches result in no click searches

No click searches are when a person uses a search engine to find out information but does not click on the search results.

In other words, people will search for something, and get the information they need from the Google search page and not click on a website.

This means that if your business’ information is not on the search result page, half of the time people will not go looking for it! They will use the information that is directly in front of them.

How do you get your information on the first page of the google search results? By ensuring you have a GMB profile and that it is up to date. When you do this, your business will pop up all over Google search results. For example:

  • It’ll be on Google Maps searches with hours and other key information

  • It’ll be on the right side of the screen with all the relevant information AND call to action buttons

  • It may even be featured in the Google shopping tab, if you’ve uploaded products.

If you give Google the information it wants (through your GMB profile), it’ll do the visibility work for you.

84% of traffic is from discovery searches

Discovery searches are general searches people perform. Direct searches are when people are looking for a specific business or product.

For example, a discovery search would be “nearby coffee shop” whereas a direct search would be “Starbucks.” The vast majority of searches are discovery searches.

In other words, consumers are looking to solve a problem rather than find a specific person or place that they already know is the solution.

You want to be listed as a potential solution to their problem. How do you do that?

You guessed it: Google My Business. If you’ve created a GMB profile, it’ll do the work for you.

5% of Google My Business traffic results in a website click, call or direct request


Imagine if 5% of the people that heard your radio ad or saw your newspaper ad immediately called you up or went straight to your website. You’d be thrilled, right?

Well, that is what happens with GMB traffic.

Since people are searching for solutions to specific problems, when your GMB profile pops up in a search result, they trust that you could solve their problem and they are more apt to take action.

Essentially, it is targeted visibility - for free!

Google My Business is a star player on your team of digital tools.

Google My Business is a free advertising platform that increases your visibility to targeted audiences.

It ensures that you are included in search results that involve your product, services, and location.

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