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Still not on the trendiest social media platform yet? Tik Tok, Tik Tok….

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

There was a time not so long ago that people talked about TikTok as ‘that obscure dance and sing platform that all the kids’ were on. But times, they are a-changing, folks.

In September, TikTok reached 1 billion active users, and the platform is rapidly approaching Instagram’s 1.4 billion users, and in far less time.

TikTok started out in 2016 as an evolution of, a video platform started in 2014 that allowed users to create short lip-sync and comedy videos.

By 2018, TikTok had taken hold in the United States and Canada, and was being adopted by celebrities, musicians and social media influencers, with more and more content spilling over into Instagram and Facebook.

The catchy music clips and hilarious trending videos have gained global attention. And contrary to what you might think, its users are not all teenagers. Nearly 40% of TikTok users are over the age of 30, and the platform is aging up as we speak.

Viral trends inspire creativity and allow people to engage with pop culture in a new way. And TikTok’s algorithm allows you reach a wide audience even when you don’t have a large following.

The percentage of U.S. based TikTok users by age. Source: App Ape

Many people have been put off by TikTok because they think they have to dance and sing in order to post anything. But that’s just not true. Many business owners are now using TikTok trends to discuss their products and services, show off their expertise and engage with potential clients in entertaining and often educational ways.

Here are three examples of local business owners doing it right on TikTok. Check them out and remember: if you feel totally clueless as to what to do, a little research always helps (aka watching TikTok videos for an hour every day and getting to tell your significant other that you’re “working.

McMullens Appliance - Mcmullanappliance

Corey McMullen of this Smiths Falls appliance store is killing it on TikTok. He has amassed a huge following by posting hilarious and informative videos, tips and answering questions about washer dryers, fridges and other appliances. Not only does he display incredible expertise, his videos are engaging and funny, and he connects with his audience by using current trends and responding to other posts. With 75,000 followers, his posts get tens of thousands of views and likes, (sometimes over a million) and he was recently featured on CTVNews and the Toronto Star. Check out mcmullanappliance for inspiration on how to do business right on TikTok.

The Carleton Place Library- cplibraryofficial

The staff at this small town library have been using TikTok in creative ways to promote the library, reading programs and books in general. Through relatable, funny and entertaining posts, they’re really shaking it up and showing what you can do with the platform.

Perth Tourism - perthontario

Showcasing the beauty of downtown Perth, Perth Tourism is using TikTok to entice potential visitors and show off the best of the town through videos. And what better way to get people to come to Perth than by making them feel like they’re already there?

Are you on TikTok? Or do you know a business that is killing it on TikTok? We’d love to hear about it! Email us at info@catscovecommunications.

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