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Father’s Day and the Pursuit of that Perfect Gift

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

It’s Father’s Day this coming weekend, which means one thing: we’re all being bombarded with the perfect gift idea for the ol’ man.

Stereotypical gifts for men and women are really the essence of holidays like Fathers Day but lately it feels like the suggestions are becoming increasingly one dimensional. The gifts marketed to me basically fall into 4 categories:


Because what dad doesn’t want to be reminded of the reno he has been putting off for the past six months?

Cat's Cove's Father's Day Gift Ideas
What Dad doesn't need tools? This gift idea is officially approved by Cat's Cove's Toby!

BBQing Stuff.

Didn’t you know? This is the only manly form of cooking.

Cat's Cove's Father's Day Gift ideas
BBQ tools? Full Dad-mode initiated.


Oh sweetie, you shouldn’t have! (Seriously, you shouldn’t have.)


Whiskey, craft beer or any other kind of obscure hooch that’lll make him feel fancy while he winds down from his ‘tough day at the office.”

The question I constantly find myself asking is: guys, how does it make you feel being put in such a small box (or should I say, such a small decorative man-crate or ammo can?)

I’m all for celebrating our dads, but when did the marketing around gifts for men become so insultingly stereotypical? Shouldn’t we be celebrating our dads uniqueness and the special relationship we have with them- whatever that looks like?

If we have such a shallow understanding of their interests, perhaps THAT is the thing that needs remedying. And I doubt jerky will do the trick.

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