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Your Daily 30 Minute Facebook Engagement Strategy

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Community engagement means connecting with others beyond your own posts. This approach builds online relationships, engages with your audience, and furthers your reach beyond your existing followers.

Here are four things you can do to super-charge your Facebook engagement.

Comment on business' posts

If you are in a community, follow and comment on other local business' posts. This builds connection and also exposes your business to the audience that already follows that specific business. But please: be meaningful and authentic in these posts.

Comment on local organizations' posts

Demonstrate your support to the organizations and non-profits that mean a lot to your community.

Join groups that help you learn

If there are Facebook groups that will give you an opportunity to learn or share your wisdom/experience, join them. This will expand your reach as well as help you build on your own skill set and experience.

Start a Facebook group

If you've been meaning to launch a special offering or connect to those within your industry, be a leader. Start a Facebook group and build an online audience in a direct way. For instance, if you're helping people diagnosed with Type II Diabetes, then launch a group that can provide a place for your clients to connect online in a safe space.

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