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E-commerce store not getting sales? Here’s what to do

E-commerce store not getting sales? Here’s what to do

If you have launched your e-commerce store during COVID, that is amazing.

But here’s something we think business owners are now facing: they’ve opened back up, it’s business as usual, and their e-commerce website has gone to the wayside.

Are we right, though?

But, now the business owners are commenting: we’re not making any sales anymore on our e-commerce store.

You HAVE to continue nurturing that relationship between the e-commerce site and customers.

It’s like dieting for one day, and then two months later wondering why you’re not losing weight while stuffing a Joe Louis in your mouth (no judging – we just like metaphors. And Joe Louis treats.).

Here are some things to consider for re-generating e-commerce sales:

1. When was the last time you loaded something new to your website?: when you first launched your e-commerce store, you populated it and your inventory listing was robust. But when you get new product or inventory in, have you actually added it to your e-commerce site? You have to continuously update and keep your e-commerce site fresh so that your audience starts to create the habit to continuously visit your site for some shopping.

2. Have you promoted it on social media? Do you keep promoting the products and push people to your e-commerce store and actually include the direct link to the product on your e-commerce store. Make it easy for your audience to order the product you’re promoting. They’re going to forget about it tomorrow morning. Connect to their in-the-moment interest and get them to press purchase.

3. Demonstrate and showcase your product/service in real time by including creative elements that keep pushing your audience to your site: have your staff try on your clothes in your retail shop, do a weekly demonstration of a beauty product, etc.

4. Use Facebook and Instagram Ads: We know you’re busy right now, especially in the summer months. But IF there is a second COVID wave, or if you want to continue to generate that secondary income, you have to continue to promote your items and get them directly in front of people’s eyes for a low advertising budget (like….test out what a $10 Facebook ad can get you for reach!).

Okay, that’s our tough love for today: keep working on that e-commerce store!

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