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What if you did This One Simple Thing For Your Business Instead of Stress Baking?

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

Sasha, here.

In the past week, I have made the following items from scratch:

  • Two dozen bagels

  • Four loaves of sandwich bread

  • One dozen hamburger buns

  • Nurtured a sourdough starter

  • And two loaves of sourdough bread that were failures of biblical unleavened proportions

My book club group texts are all about sourcing yeast, flour and baking soda.

I had to call my mom and tell her to ease up on the almost-daily porch drop-offs of delicious, sugary baked goods, for fear of developing diabetes.

It seems the whole world is stress baking.

The other day, I had a lot of time to think while I slowly chewed my way through a piece of my sourdough cud “bread.” And one thought stuck with me: what if I spent as much time nurturing the relationships in my life as I do nurturing the yeast in my kitchen?

Even if I took a fraction of my baking time and instead reached out to friends through quick texts or messaging, I think I could really build something.

A simple switch would not only allow for more breathing room in my jeggings, it would also focus on a value that’s important to me: friendship.

What if we do a simple switch like that with our own business?

Look at something you’re doing in your daily life that could be turned around into a few productive moments building your brand.

What if you took some of that time and spent five minutes a day sending DMs, checking in on customers, and leaving genuine comments on people’s pages?

I’m not talking about selling here.

I’m talking about being human and building connections - commenting on shared interests and praising them for neat posts and ideas. I bet one of your values as a business owner is to connect with others - and this is one way you can live out that value. test

The effort takes the same amount of time as mixing fresh flour and water into your sourdough stopper starter, but the difference is this: reaching out and connecting with your audience builds something special.

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