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Answer The Public

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

So you see the value in building your social media presence and nurturing your audience. You want to post weekly, maybe even daily, but you’ve got a problem:

What the heck are you supposed to post about?

Well, my friends, we have your answer. It’s called

Answer the Public is a website that compiles the questions that people are asking search engines. You can type in a keyword (or two) and it will create a list for you of the most commonly searched questions on the internet.

For example, Toby was working with an optician a few weeks ago to improve their SEO strategy, so they went to the Answer the Public website and typed in “eyeglasses.” Answer the Public created a report with hundreds of questions that people want answered. Everything from “what’s the difference in eyeglass nose pieces?” to “can I use alcohol on my eyeglasses?”

By using this tool, you get ideas for content AND you build authority within your audience. These are questions that people genuinely have, and you are providing the answers.


There is one caveat for the Answer the Public. Like a genie, you only get three queries per day. If you want to look up more than three keywords, you’ll have to pay for it.

But really, how many questions can you sift through in one day? It should be more than enough to get you started!

Happy answering!

p.s. Want more ideas about what to post? We have a formula we like to use for posting and we love to re-use photos in sneaky ways.

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