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8 Ways of Using a Website (That Aren’t Business Related)

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

When most people think about websites they often think of one of two things: business websites and personal blogs. But these days, with the improved accessibility of web design and website builders, anyone can build a site and use it for a multitude of purposes.

Having a website is an incredible way of sharing information with people regardless of location, whether for professional or personal reasons. With the development of website builders and drag and drop programs like Wix, Squarespace, Weebly etc, we want to challenge you to think outside the proverbial box when it comes to websites.

Here are some less conventional things you can do with a website:

1. Art Portfolios

Are you an artist? A photographer? A writer? Share your work, link to it from your social media or resume, and send potential clients or customers to your site to take in your work in an online space that you can update whenever you like. There are some great templates out there for portfolios that allow you to display your creative work quickly and professionally. Bonnie here at Cat's Cove has her own photography portfolio built on a Wix site.

2. Annual Reports

If you’re part of an organization or non-profit, you know the value of having an annual report that you can share with stakeholders or potential clients. Using a website to create, document and share annual reports is a great solution, and it can live on far longer than a dusty stack of papers.

3. Event Website

Want to share information about an upcoming event? Create an event website! Most website builders make RSVP's and ticket sales a cinch, too, saving you tons of time in back and forth communication with friends, family or customers. And this doesn’t have to just be for money making events. Think family reunions, large birthday parties, anniversaries or new years parties.

4. Wedding Invitation

Gone are the days when you had to pick expensive paper options for fancy wedding invitations and physically mail them out, then wait for people to send them back. (How did we live??) Why not make your wedding invitation a website where people can find all the information (and you can update whenever needed). Guests can RSVP online and include their food choices with ease. We live in a magical time.

Make your wedding invitation a virtual one with a beautiful, effortless website invitation.

5. Digital Resume

We search for jobs online and apply for them online. Why not make your resume a website that potential employers can access any time anywhere, no downloading necessary? An online resume allows you to link to important connections, social media accounts and your portfolio.

6. Photography Website

We all carry around cameras in our pocket these days, and many of us have thousands of photos of our friends and family that never end up making it onto the pages of a photo album. Why not create a photography website where you post your favourites, perhaps to share with older family members who live far away?

If you're a photographer, having a website to display your work can be a great way of sharing your passion, or connecting with potential clients.

7. A Memorial Website

If you’ve lost someone you were close to, creating a memorial website can be a cathartic and heartwarming way of processing their passing and honouring their memory. Collect historic photos and stories, and connect with others as you commemorate your loved one.

8. A Website to Document Travels

Document your travels with a website that includes a blog, photo albums and links to interesting places you've been. Connect your site to your social media feed so that current photos are displayed automatically. Having a travel website is an incredible way of keeping family and friends back home up to date on your whereabouts without having to send tons of emails.

Have an unconventional website idea and need help executing it? We’d love to help. Email us at

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