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5 Types of Images All Brands Should Use!

Probably the most frequently asked question we get is “what should I post about?”

Understandably, business owners do not want to post the same images over and over again, and they start to run out of ideas.

Over the next couple of blogs, we are going to cover 9 (!) types of posts you can use to elevate your brand and connect with your audience.

Product Images

Let’s start with the easy one: product images. This is something most brands have already mastered. However, if your feed is entirely products, your audience may start to tire of your posts and start tuning you out or (gasp!) unfollow you.

If you are posting about products, keep it up! But let’s try to intersperse some of the other types of images within your feed.

Which brings us to the suggestion we give that gets the most push back...

Pictures of Employees and Owners

Seriously, people want to see YOU. It can be you in your shop or office, but it can also be you on a walk or your coworkers on a coffee break or an employee volunteering or (insert an image of you doing something you love here).

We promise, these will be your posts that will garner the most engagement. People love people. To paraphrase the O’Jays, “Give the people what they want.” Give them the employees behind the product.

(p.s. It’s a great O’Jays song. Give yourself a little funk-fueled gift and Google it.)

Seasonal Images

Seasonal images will always be relatable and relevant. Take a pic of your seasonal office decor, your best seasonal store display, even a picture of you or your product outdoors or on the weather.

Quote images

There are lots of advantages to using quote cards:

  • They break up your picture-filled feed.

  • They give your audience something to think about.

  • They are shareable.

Let’s talk about share-ablity for half a second. People are less inclined to share a product shot or a shot of another person, but people love sharing quotes. When people share your posts, the algorithm sees it as high-value content and will boost the post's visibility. It also favours you in the person’s feed who shared it.

If you create simple quote images, include your website or social media handle discreetly in the bottom corner. This will increase brand awareness and generate new leads.

Informative Questions

Want to stop the scroll?

Try writing a big bold question and posting it as an image. Basically, this is a variation on a quote card.

You are an expert in your field. You probably don’t even realize how much knowledge you have because it’s so second nature to you.

Think about common questions you get from your clients or customers. Type the question in a quote card, and then answer the question in the caption.

Not sure what questions to use? Check out for some ideas.

Any “aha” moments about your photos? Let us know in the comments below!

Want more ideas? We’ve got four more coming in our next post! Stay tuned!

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