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5 Signs You Need Social Media Management Help

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

Bonnie here.

When I started at Cat’s Cove back in the Fall, I set out to master all things social. Although I came on as a writer and photographer, I figured I should try to learn the ropes of social media. After all, this is a big part of what we do at Cat’s Cove and we’re known for our success with using social media to grow businesses. Facebook and Instagram were platforms I had already been using for years, so how hard could it be to learn how to use them for marketing purposes?

Well, the answer: It’s complicated.

The other day during a meeting we were discussing everyone’s workload, and it all came spilling out:

“I don’t enjoy doing social media!”

Ooops. I said it. Lucky for me I work with the best people ever. Instead of chastising me, they immediately took the social media practice off my plate and instead encouraged me to blog about it. The whole, unfiltered truth.

So here are 5 reasons I came to find that doing social media for marketing is just not for me:

1. Social media timelines give me anxiety

Post, post, post. The algorithm will ensure that your followers never get inundated. Presence is everything. I found this pressure to create a constant presence daunting. Whenever I got behind on my social media calendar planning it felt like a day to day struggle to stay on top of it. Quick - say something relatable! Be funny! Connect!

2. I had trouble being authentic on social media

It’s funny how when someone tells you to be authentic, suddenly you don’t remember how to do it. (See Toby during our photoshoot “What do I do with my hands!?”) Plus, being authentic for a business entity is a lot different for me than it is sharing my personal day to day. I can easily laugh and post a picture of my disastrous living room or a funny video of my kid trying to say “hippopotamus”, but what does authentic look like for a client?

3. Social media is not about perfection - why can't I remember that?!

What if people don’t like my post? What if I offend someone? Is it on brand? Will people post mean comments? As Toby is always reminding clients, it’s better to take action and do something that’s not 100% perfect than it is to not do anything at all. But somehow, it’s just hard to let go of perfection.

4. Social media calendars are hard

When you’re planning a social media calendar for a business, you often do so a month or so in advance. A lot of thought goes into it. It’s not the same as the on-the-fly posts we do as individuals. But I find it hard to get my head in the game, imagining what people will be thinking about on December 24th versus February 15. And that’s an essential skill. Plus, with all the tools now available - Facebook Live, Instagram stories - there’s pressure to post in so many different formats. Gone are the days of the simple status update.

5. Social media content creation just isn't for me

What I learned? Social media is not for everyone, and it’s important to know your own strengths. I for one love writing blog posts - but guess what Joy loves: social media! She’s a natural born social media guru.

No doubt about it, social media is powerful. I’m only beginning to understand just how many ways it can be harnessed. But being honest with yourself is important (and liberating!) and it’s important to know when to reach out for help. So I think for now, I’ll be passing the reins on to someone who loves it, and that’s best for both of us.

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