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Your Daily, 30-minute Social Media Engagement Strategy (includes downloadable checklist)

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Now that you're likely officially being forced to stay at home (or at least reduce your working hours), now's the time to take daily action on building your social media accounts and presence. This is just one way you can work to control your business outcomes.

How can you do it in 30 minutes? Through Community Engagement.

Community Engagement means connecting with others beyond your own posts. This approach builds online relationships, engage with your audience, and furthers your reach beyond your existing followers.

Plus, you will become more intentional with your time spent on your phone and feel productive (even if it's hard to stay focused right now).

We're challenging you to spend 30 minutes a day practising Community Engagement for your business.

Ready for it?

Your daily 30-minute social media community engagement plan.

Here are some ways to spend 30 minutes connecting to a wider, online audience


  • Comment on People's Instagram Stories: actually get into their inbox and write a one-liner that connects to their Story

  • Comment on other business owners' posts: show your support and comment to help them build their own reach.

  • Hashtag Search: Go into the Search function and type in a hashtag relevant to your industry or community. Then comment on those posts in a meaningful way (don't sell here!). For instance: in our community, the hashtag PerthProud is widely used. We'd look up that hastag in the search function, and then comment on the most recent posts using that hashtags.

  • Reply to Comments made on your posts: show your appreciation to those who commented on your posts. Reply to every single comment. It also helps with your algorithm (getting pushed to more people's feeds)


  • Comment on business' posts: if you're in a community, follow and comments on other local businesses' posts. This builds connection and also exposes your business to the audience that already follows that specific business. But please: be meaningful and authentic in these posts

  • Comment on local organizations' posts: demonstrate your support to the organizations and non-profits that mean a lot to your community.

  • Join Groups that help you learn: if there are Facebook groups that will give you opportunity to learn or share your wisdom/experience. This will expand your reach as well as help you build on your own skillset and experience.

  • Start a Facebook Group: If you've been meaning to launch a special offering or connect to those within your industry, be a leader. Start a Facebook group and build an online audience in a direct way. For instance, if you're helping people diagnosed with Type II Diabetes, then launch a group that can provide a place for your clients to connect online in a safe space.


  • Follow topics: you can follow topics that are important to you. Then, when there are posts relevant to that topic, you can weigh in and join the conversation

  • Post an article: you likely haven't posted articles (your own posts) for a while now. Use this as an opportunity to grow your connections and increase your profile views on LinkedIn

  • Upload a video: Video performs really well on LinkedIn. Post a quick video of yourself talking about your business, the industry or any topic that a LinkedIn Audience would appreciate

  • Make new Connections: LinkedIn will outline who you may wish to connect with based on your existing connections. Add new people and write a personalized note when you reach out. (Example: Hi, Tom! I see we're mutually connected through Sally, and thought I'd reach out. Hope all is well on your end).

  • Send personal messages to existing connections: Take a few minutes and look through your connections. Look at who you haven't connected with in a while and use this strange time of our lives to break that silence. It's a great way to build relationships while also being human.

Take a look at our downloadable checklist on how you can build community engagement online for 30 minutes a day:

Social Media Checklist (2)
Download PDF • 139KB

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