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Marketing in 2020: Where To Spend Your Time and Resources

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

Technology has changed at a rapid pace over the last 15 years. People were just starting to use cell phones, social media was in its infancy, and many technologies we now rely on weren't in the market yet.

Since the last 15 years have moved so quickly, a lot of small business owners worry about keeping up with the trends and getting on the "next big thing" in marketing. It can be overwhelming.

Business owners, technology is changing BUT that doesn't mean you have to jump straight to AI Marketing in order to keep up.

First, take a deep breath and think about whether or not your current marketing tools are working for you.

If they're not - ask yourself why. Are you using them to the best of their abilities? In this week's video, Cat and Toby talk about marketing in 2020, and where they feel you should be spending your time and resources.

In this video they cover:

  • Should I be using Google Adwords?

  • Is search engine marketing worth it?

  • Should I sell on Amazon?

  • How can I drive traffic to where I'm selling?

  • What is the best place to spend ad money for most small businesses right now?

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