2 Exercises to Help You Define Your Brand!

Cat’s Cove was having a social media problem.

Yes, we are a social media company, but even we run into problems with our own accounts.

We were making a ton of social media content, but it just didn’t feel right.

The content was fine, but something was missing.

It was time to start treating Cat’s Cove Communications like a client. It was time to dig deep into our branding.

As a boutique marketing firm we help small businesses with branding all the time, but we hadn’t talked about our own brand in ages.

We had to talk to ourselves like a branding client.

Here are a few exercises we did to help get clarity on our brand, that we recommend you try if you're feeling the same way.

1. Choose 3-5 words that define your brand.

Pull up a list of adjectives and choose 3 to 5 that represent your brand (or what you’d like it to be!). A few of our words were: supportive, and inspiring. On our Resource Page, you’ll find our brand values worksheet to help you get started.

2. Write a sentence about how your ideal client views each of your branding words.

Once you’ve chosen brand words, get specific. Words can be illustrated a lot of different ways - write a couple of sentences in your client’s voice about how they would describe that word.

For example, one of the words Toby told us was confidence. Confidence can look a lot of different ways. Dove uses confidence to define their brand. So does Harley Davidson. It looks very different in those two brands. Are you going for a quiet, clean, stripped back confidence like Dove ? Or a rugged, masculine confidence like Harley Davidson?

Think about your ideal client and what colours, feelings and tone they would use to illustrate confidence (or whatever words YOU have chosen)

Having a consistent brand can really help your small business grow.

The strongest brands have personality - consistent and relatable personality. They consistently embody a feeling, and as a result attract and retain loyal customers. By taking a little bit of time to craft your brand personality, you are making your content creation easier and your small business brand irresistible.

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