Our Team

Toby James

Specializes in: Business consulting, advertising, marketing strategy, digital marketing stats

If you’re stuck in your business, then you’re gonna want to talk with Toby.

Toby’s background in sales, marketing and fundraising mixed with his ability to ask some really good questions helps clients define their goals and walk away with some really actionable plans. Toby also specializes in social media advertising and connecting directly to your target audience. He loves a good whiteboard session with clients.

Toby also has a crazy-good memory and could cite any athletic championship or Simpsons quote. His graphic t-shirt collection is also becoming quite extensive.

Co-Owner and VP of Common Sense

Bonnie Joyce

Bonnie Joyce has a talent for bringing someone’s idea to life.

After completing her Master of Political Science from the University of Waterloo, Bonnie identified a special skill she honed throughout her education: writing.

She worked for one of Toronto’s top advertising agencies, Zulu Alpha Kilo, and did print, radio, and online work for Bell, The Bay, Workopolis, and Coca-Cola brands including Simply Orange and Powerade.

Bonnie joined Cat’s Cove Communications as a content creator and we’re also utilizing her mad photography skills for our clients’ needs (sidenote: she did all the photography for our website!).

Project Manager, Content Creator

Bonnie Joyce Cat's Cove Communications.j
Joy Affleck

Specializes in: Social Media, Writing

Joy turns your expertise into compelling, fun social media that gets you results.

With a background in journalism and extensive experience managing social media accounts for small businesses, Joy knows how to create posts that convert. She’s always had a passion for writing, marketing and public relations, and although she grew up thinking she was destined to be a journalist, in reality


Joy loves marketing because it allows her to use a wider range of skills as well as express her creativity through design work and word play. With her keen intuition, amazing sense of humor and mean photography skills, Joy has a knack for conveying your expertise in ways that help you connect with your audience. Oh, and she’s a total Gilmore Girls geek. 


Having Joy as part of the team at Cat's Cove has got the joy, joy, joy, joy down in our hearts!

Social Media, Writing

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