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Need an e-commerce store that will get you selling online?

There has never been a better (and more important time) to take your business online. With more and more people getting comfortable shopping in this way, if your products aren't available online you're simply missing out on sales. By all accounts, the pandemic has changed peoples shopping habits permanently.


By 2020, Statistics Canada noted that online shopping had doubled, and these numbers have only increased in the past two years. Due to all the lockdowns we've had to endure, people have become more and more creative at shopping online, becoming fully accustomed to tactics like curbside pickup, buying groceries online, pre-ordering online ... the list goes on. 

Our web designers are e-Commerce experts. We'll assess your business and products and design the perfect e-Commerce store to compliment your website and brand.  Once your online store is ready, we'll teach you to upload new products and manage your shop.

What's included in your e-Commerce project?

Website + E-commerce

Get your business online, and start selling online too.


  • Initial Consultation

  • Complete website design according to your needs and brand

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to ensure you’re found on Google

  • Google Analytics and Google Console

  • Mobile Friendly website

  • Copy edits to ensure the writing on your new website makes your business shine

  • Stock photography or the use of your own photos

  • Free Domain for the first year

  • Security Certificate

  • Hosting on a user-friendly platform

  • Training on how to use your new website

  • Set up of E-commerce website, shipping, payment and storefront, including 20 products uploaded

  • Training session to review how to use your new shop and add products

Ongoing costs:

Website: US$10- US$14 per month depending on your plan

E-commerce: US$15- US$35 depending on your plan

First year domain included. Subsequent years are subject to a renewal fee (usually less than $20)

E-commerce Only

If you already have a website up and running but you want to take your products online with a new e-Commerce store, or you just want a simple stand alone e-Commerce store, we can help! We'll create a professional, functional and easy to use e-commerce site that you can manage yourself. 

Our Ecwid e-Commerce stores come with a built in Insta site, so if you only need a basic website to accompany your online store, you don't have to go to the lengthier process of having a web developer build a website for you. 

Ongoing costs:

US$15-US$35 per month, depending on the number of products in your online store

Ready to start selling your products online?

E-Commerce Only

Our Platforms

While we work with many different e-Commerce platforms like Shopify, Squarespace and Wix native e-Commerce, we tend to build our e-Commerce stores on Ecwid. This platform is a powerhouse of user-friendly features and compatibility that makes getting your products online easy and painless. Ecwid seamlessly integrates with other website platforms like Wix, and allows you to sell directly on Facebook, Instagram and a whole host of other social media platforms.

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