Thank you so much for coming to the workshop at the Small Business Advisory Centre on Wednesday, Nov. 9!

The Editorial Calendar workshop I hosted was a great introduction to using and understanding editorial calendars. You’ve now got the tools to begin to plan out your content month by month!

As a token of my appreciation for our time spent together, I’m offering you a special package deal only available to workshop participants.

If you want to take your content strategy to the next level, then you’ll really like what this package has to offer.

Here are the special package offering details.

Ready? *Drumroll*….This is so exciting to share! Are you excited? I’m excited. This is just getting awkward now, isn’t it?

Okay, here goes:

The Content Execution Package

The Content Execution Package will have you actively churning out consistent content that’ll you LOVE to do!


  • Feeling confident whenever you press publish on your content;
  • Having your audience respond with gratitude regarding your content;
  • Connecting with industry leaders and colleagues because of the content you’ve produced;
  • Having FUN when posting your content and getting solid, engaged responses in return; and
  • Growing your business while feeling as though you’re putting your authentic self out there.

Ahhh…feels good, right? (said in an Antonio Banderas voice. Or Catherine Zeta-Jones. Justin Bieber? Okay, okay. Janice from Friends.)

But, seriously. Wouldn’t it feel pretty amazing to not only have an editorial calendar but one that you’ll actually execute? And see results? The Content Execution Package leads to better audience engagement and ultimately generate more interest in your business.

Hashtag: 2017 is my year!

With the Content Execution Package, you’ll get:

  • Two, two-hour planning sessions where we will review your current editorial and content platforms and devise an online content plan that’ll help you meet your business goals;
  • A fun (I swear!) homework package that’ll get your creative juices flowing and excited to crank out content;
  • A three-month editorial calendar guideline and content strategy delivered to you following our strategy sessions;
  • A monthly half-hour phone/Skype check-in call to review the last month’s content insights and review the upcoming month’s plans; and
  • Unlimited email access for the first month to provide support.

This is a package only currently offered to the Nov. 9 workshop attendees at a special rate for a limited time!

Book now and you’ll get this package for $597 (regular price: $820).

I’m currently booking clients for January, 2017, so this package offering expires Nov. 30, 2016.

Because you attended the Editorial Calendar workshop, it means you know you’re ready to take your business to the next level. It’d be amazing to work together to help you bring those goals to life.

Want to learn more about this package and whether we’re the right fit for each other? Book a free consultation call and let’s chat! (No Janice from Friends voices, I promise)