You’re feeling it, aren’t you?

It’s that nagging feeling of wanting to get all the things done in your business.

Email Lists. Social Media Posts. Blogging.

Re-writing your website copy so that you don’t cringe when you read it.

Updating your logo so it no longer looks like it’s from a 1997 high-school art project.


You know you should get these things done.

But you’re not.

Instead, you’re answering client emails. Navigating through staff holiday schedules. Chugging coffee. And simply trying to get the next project done just in time.

So, let’s change that.

Let’s make a plan together.


This is your Permission Slip.


The Get Focused Business Boot Camp

A one-day, intensive workshop where you’ll get clarity to help you move forward in your business.
Thursday, Oct. 26, 2017
8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
The Stone Cellar, Downtown Heritage Perth
$129+ HST

*limited to 25 participants


This October, Cat’s Cove Communications and the Paaper Studio will co-host a one-day, intensive workshop where you’ll get clarity on your business. You’ll get focused. You’ll craft a plan.

You’ll feel inspired and rejuvenated as you set forth for the last quarter of the year with your business ideas actually coming to life.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

At the Get Focused Business Boot Camp Workshop, you will:

  • -Get clarity on your business’ foundation and create goals for your next year
  • -Learn about how to better tell your story and message to your core audience
  • -Find out how to better share your messaging with consistent branding
  • -Create an action plan for your last quarter that brings your goals to reality.
  • -Network with like-minded entrepreneurs who are thirsty to get shit done.
  • -Walk away from the workshop feeling focused, inspired and ready to work ON your business (don’t answer that email!)


This one-day workshop is perfect for entrepreneurs, small-business owners, organization managers, and any business owner who needs a rejuvenation project that will actually bring results.


Your Registration Fee Includes:

  • -Access to the full-day
  • -A workbook that you’ll work all day and take home
  • -A catered lunch provided by The Stone Cellar
  • -Coffee/Tea Breaks
  • -One Delicious, end-of-the-day drink
  • -A Boot Camp Swag Bag filled with goodies


Here’s the Schedule:


Registration and Coffee
8:30-9:00 a.m.


Keynote Address: The Struggle and the Solution
9:00-9:30 a.m.
Why do you need to get back to your roots? Jeff Lucier has worked with a range of business owners and managers, including Wal-Mart as a client. Whether you’re a seasoned manager or a new entrepreneur, Jeff will outline the struggles he’s seen with managers and entrepreneurs and how they dig out of a rut and get motivated again.
Presenter: Jeff Lucier


Workshop #1: Get back to your foundation
We’ll present a workshop to get back to your roots where we’ll look at your vision, mission and core values. It’s followed by a hands-on session where you’ll work through the words to re-work (or do it for the first time – no judging, here!), so you stay rooted to your business’ core elements.
Presenter: Toby James


Workshop #2: Get Storytelling
11:00-12:00 p.m.
We’ll look at how to use storytelling in your business and what it means to craft a story that connects with your target audience. We’ll then get writing. You’ll look at your business and weave your story into your messaging and ultimately, your marketing.
Presenter: Cathy James


Lunch and Networking
12:00-1:00 p.m.
Catered by the Stone Cellar, you’ll be treated to a delicious lunch featuring local foods crafted by award-winning chefs.


Workshop #3: Get Branding
1:00-2:30 p.m.
Now that you know your core values and your story, work on your branding. In this workshop, we’ll talk about the importance of bringing your story to life with how you want your audience to feel when they see your content and images. Is it pretty and soft? Bold and Proud? You’ll re-visit your business’ branding and find out ways to breathe new life into your marketing materials.
Presenter: Jaana Brett


Heads Down, Hands-on Action Plan
2:30-4:00 p.m.
For the next 90 minutes, you’ll continue to work on your workbook where you’ll look at your goals and put together a plan that will get those goals accomplished using key performance indicators. Whether it’s to focus on business growth, putting together a marketing plan or looking at your 2018 goals, it’s your time to get real and put your ideas onto paper.

Toby, Cathy and Jaana will be on hand to answer any questions as you work on this plan. We’ll give you a workbook that’ll allow you to look at your calendar, create lists, conduct brain dumps and put ideas into actionable steps.


Debrief and Drinks

4:00-5:00 p.m.

Hooooly Hannah, that was an intense day! While it’s exciting that you’ve crafted a plan with some good insight, you need to debrief! Whether it’s over a crisp glass of wine, a delicious pint or a soothing cup of tea, we’ll raise a toast to you – you’ve put the time and energy into working on your business, and that deserves to be celebrated. Happy Hour it is.

Ready to Get Focused?

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About the Organizers

We’ve been hearing what you need.

Jaana Brett of the Paaper Studio and Cathy and Toby of Cat’s Cove Communications have met with many clients who consistently feel pulled in so many directions. That’s why we’ve organized this one-day, intensive – though gratifying! – day for you.

About Jaana

Jaana Brett has years of experience working in the branding and graphic design industries. She’s the go-to gal for anything creative and innovative and she brings your ideas to life through design. She’s a lover of Instagram, inspirational hand-lettering art and coffee.


About Cathy and Toby

Cathy and Toby James help small businesses and organizations find the best way to connect with their audience. Through goal setting, clarity and storytelling, they help pull out words and put those ideas into action and words. They can’t get enough of Whiteboard sessions, Brooklyn 99 episodes, and, like Jaana, they rarely turn down a cup of coffee.






Who is this for?

This one-day workshop is perfect for entrepreneurs, small-business owners, organization managers, and any business owner who needs a rejuvenation project that will actually bring results.

But, really? It’s for anyone who is craving clarity and needs to get re-energized for the work they’re doing.

What's included in the registration fee?

Your Registration Fee Includes:

Access to the full-day as well as a workbook that you’ll work all day and take home

We’ll also be providing a catered lunch provided by The Stone Cellar as well a a coffee/tea break AND one stiff drink for the day’s end.

We’ll also be putting together a A Boot Camp Swag Bag filled with goodies

What will I get done in the Action Plan?

This is your call!

If you feel like you need to work on the topics we present on before the Action Plan workshop begins, then that’ll be your focus for that time period.

If you’ve been dying to take time to re-work a piece of your marketing or want to line up for goals for the year, you can use it for that time. We’ll be on hand to help provide you with you any one-on-one feedback.

Ugh, I'm waaaay too busy to book a full day off work. How can I swing it?

Honestly, that’s exactly why we’re hosting the event.

We know from first-hand experience just how hard it is to pull away from work to actually work on your business! That’s why we’re giving you plenty of time to put it on your calendar and book the day ‘off’.

It’s hard, we get it.

But it’s okay to take these days to work on your business, your motivation and your overall focus.

Do you have a refund policy?

Refunds will not be permitted once registration has been processed. Because we’re limiting the numbers and have to order catering, we cannot supply refunds.

Here's your Permission Slip to do this for yourself:

Register Now!