You know that blogging is an important step to getting your voice heard in the competitive online market.

But…it takes time. You don’t have blog ideas. It’s hard to use the software’s backend. And, besides, you don’t have the time to figure out how and why SEO works.

There are so many reasons not to blog and those excuses are easily nixed by how important it is to stay active and current on your website.

Let me write your blog for you.

I’m currently accepting clients who require ghost-blogging services. Hire me to write and to take over the bulk of your writing so your content remains fresh and relative to your market. With more than four years of experience crafting company blogs, I’ll write according to your readership using a conversational, engaging tone while also ensuring we brand your company message effectively and take advantage of SEO opportunities.

Book a Blogging Consultation.

If you want to write the blog yourself, but you need a training session or two, let’s sit down together to work on a plan to get you using your blog to its fullest capability. Here’s what we’ll cover in a training session:

  • Develop a content strategy so you feel confident taking the next steps on your own;
  • Dive into the blog-writing process and how it works best;
  • Discover Search Engine Optimization and how using tags and keywords will help with your internet presence; and
  • Review and edit any of your previous blog posts.

Contact me, and we’ll talk blogs.

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