Our office has a shared parking lot with our local physiotherapy clinic, which includes a fitness studio.

When we’d walk out to our vehicle, we’d always see a man parking his vehicle as far away as possible from the physiotherapy clinic, and make his way across the lot to attend a fitness class.

The only backgrounder we have on him is that he ran a successful business for years.

We were trying to figure out his intent for the far-away parking spot.

And then it hit us.

This guy is parking far away so that others can park closer.


We’re totally making assumptions, but if this is the truth, then his effort to keep a closer parking space open for those who need them is such a testament to how one simple act says so much about a person.

And this is exactly why he’s done so well in business.

When you put others first without any expectation of getting something in return, you’ll get exactly that. A return in business. A Karmic response.

Love that.


Tell us: Where do you park in the parking lot? (makes you think, doesn’t it?)


How a parking job can say so much about your approach…(LIFE & BIZ)

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