Toby and I are officially five weeks into our co-entrepreneurship. We’re having a lot of fun with the projects and possible projects we’ll be working on in 2017.

As we work from home and we’re raising two kiddos, there are some things that we’re digging to help make work and home life balance out. We’re asked a lot about working together, so we thought we’d share five things saving us this month.

#1. Our WIP: We’ve already blogged about this, but by meeting up every week, we stay on the same page, nix any miscommunication and brainstorm. I sit at the dining room table and take notes while Toby walks around the room.

#2: Our Shared Google Calendar: Because we are both going in so many directions, we have to stay in constant contact. We shared our calendars so that we don’t double book the car or ourselves.

#3: Meal Planning: When we plan our meals for the week ahead, things go much more smoothly. And we’ve been getting a straight-up F in this category this month. We gotta get back on the meal-planning train to feel more orCat's Cove Leap Pad Loveganized on the Homefront.

#4:Kombucha: We got into the Kombucha craze and we’re loving it. We’ve enjoyed Loon Kombucha and want to start taking advantage of the refill station at the Café Bean in Perth.

#5: Daycare: With five snow days in January (gah!), we were grateful for our daycare provider’s offer to take our kindergarten-aged son for those days. Sure, we could have dropped him off at school, but a daycare drop-off makes for a smoother day for everyone.

The leap pad. Judge us, but when our son gets home from school at 3:13 p.m. and we need to wrap up work, the leap pad has been our saving grace. We love you, leap pad.

Question: What are you digging this month?

Five Things We’re Digging this Month

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