I really do love my clients! Here’s what past and current clients have to say about their experience working with me:


Rob Dyke“Through a series of questions and conversation, Cathy helped us really identify who we are as a business and then eloquently wrote our story!  Every business owner would benefit from this process.”

-Rob Dyke, Owner, Dyke & Murphy Professional Corporation


“Cathy has the capacity to work independently. She can be entrusted with difficult assignments knowing they will be completed in a thorough and effective manner. Her work is always on time, always on budget and always completed in a first class manner … how good is that! In short, Cathy is viewed by the people associated with our organization as a 21st Century leader. Her pro‐active nature, energy, enthusiasm, and quiet competence are qualities that make for strong entrepreneurs in any field.”

-Lorne Keon, Executive Director, EOCCC


“When we were ready to launch a Facebook page and blog for our store (Ground Waves), we quickly realized we needed help. Cathy Jude Pearsonwas at the top of our list. From the moment we met with her to discuss our plans, we knew we had made the right choice. To begin with, she knew what questions to ask – and assurances to give – so she could develop a customized communication strategy that would work for us, and our business. Now, keep in mind, we were two ‘women of a certain age’ who were not at all social media savvy. But Cathy immediately showed us there was nothing to fear, and much to gain. In fact, it would be fun! And she was right. It was.

From the personalized, step-by-step guides she created to the hands-on help she provided, it was always a pleasure working with Cathy. Productive, too! Within days, we were engaging with fans on our Facebook page, and writing optimized posts on our blog, all thanks to Cathy’s friendly help and skillful guidance.”

-Jude Pearson, former owner of Ground Waves


“I was first introduced to Cathy when I was launching a new business. At the time, we were confident in our skills and knowledge to start our new companies; however, we were not sure where to turn to let people find out that we were now “open for business”.
Starting a business is an exciting journey, but as you all know, it can be a daunting one. I found out from a friend about Cathy James, and we were thrilled to get to work with her to help us launch our new companies. She put us at ease and we quickly accomplished our communication goals thanks to Cathy.”

-Lynn Marsh, owner, HealthyBooks Bookkeeping Services

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