Whether you’re a small-business owner or an organization lead, you’ve got a lot on your plate.

But you have ideas. Big ones.

Ones that’ll grow your business, move you in the right direction, and make your dreams come alive.

But time just isn’t on your side. Or, heck, you’re simply stuck on how to get there.

Cat’s Cove Communications is made up of Cathy and Toby, and we’ve got the experience, knowledge and passion to help you bring those ideas to life.

Cathy James, Co-Owner and Wordsmith
Specializes in: writing, editing, social media strategy, marketing plans, event logistics

Cathy James


You want to bring your ideas to life, and Cathy can do that for you. With words.

She’ll help you iron out your message and will write for your audience using your voice.  With more than 10 years working in communications after completing a Master of Journalism degree, Cathy can transform your message into marketing message that’ll get your audience’s attention.

She’s also obsessed with to-do lists. In the Cat’s Cove office, she’s the doer and will take the creative plan and bring it to life.

You’d work with Cathy on:

-Website content
-Sales pages
-Social Media posts
-Editorial Calendars
-Editing and proofreading
-Event logistics and planning



Toby James, Co-Owner and VP of Common Sense
Specializes in: Business consulting, advertising, marketing strategy, digital marketing stats

Toby James

If you’re stuck in your business, then you’re gonna want to talk with Toby.

Toby’s background in sales, marketing and fundraising mixed with his ability to ask some really good questions, helps clients define their goals and walk away with some really actionable plans.

Toby also has a crazy-good memory, and could cite any athletic championship or athlete’s history with ease.




Get to Know Us:

We’re small business owners, too. When we’re not plugging away in the Cat’s Cove office, we’re busy running after our little ones, Alex and Maggie. We’re big on sports, podcasts and coffee.

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