Five things to do to submit a press release that gets noticed

Earlier this spring, I led a workshop at the Small Business Advisory Centre. I sat down with a range of business owners and organization managers who wanted to learn about writing a press release and ensuring it gets noticed by the media.Cats Cove Press Release

It was so much fun hearing their stories and working on a way to make them feel more confident in their writing and taking the best steps to get their press release published or announced.

With that, here are my top five tips to writing and submitting a press release that gets noticed. [Read more...]

The night I won the Perth and District Chamber of Commerce Young Entrepreneur Award

Cat's Cove Communications Perth ChamberSometimes, I still think I’m 22.

I like pop music, I can’t help but occasionally indulge in some reality television, and I love it when my parents make me dinner.

There’s the obvious reality that I’m not still 22. I’m married, own a house and have a toddler son with another little bean on the way. I pay property taxes, rake leaves on weekends and get nervous when I walk by a group of teenagers.

However, my age did get noticed recently by the Perth and District Chamber of Commerce. In October, 2013, I was nominated for and awarded the Young Entrepreneur Award. [Read more...]

Private I Column: July 10, 2014 Edition

Every other week, I write aPrivate I Tux column for my local newspaper, The Perth Courier. The column has been running for four decades, and I took it over in 2011. The Private I covers local issues, community events and features local residents thro
ugh storytelling. I always conclude the column with “Walks with Tux”, which is an avenue for discussion on what’s been noticed in and around town during my walks out with our insanely energetic dog, Tux. Here’s this week’s column:
[Read more...]

Why I changed my business name

Homer Simpson hard at work – In a muumuu.

Welcome to Cat’s Cove Communications!

Yes, I’ve changed my business name, and I’ll explain why.

I have crystal clear memories of my first day of work at Cat’s Cove Writing on Jan. 4, 2011. I woke up that morning, showered and got ready like I would for any regular work day. Except rather than heading to the front door to leave for the day, I took a 90-degree turn to the left and walked into my home office.

I felt like Homer Simpson on his first day working from home (although he worked hard to gain an enormous amount of weight so that he could stay home. Muumuus ensued for his daily attire – Photo Source). I didn’t know what to do expect to begin the process to start my at-home writing business. [Read more...]